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Nathan Munsinger

Recognizing the value you bring into people's lives is so important if you want to succeed in anything. You need to approach life with a core belief that anyone can accomplish anything. That not only can one man or woman make a difference, but that it’s one man or woman who always makes the difference. Help others make an impact in there lives starting today! Visit

Derek L. Rogers

"If you want to get rich, just find someone making lots of money and do what he's doing." - Billionaire J. Paul Getty

On August 23rd I''ll be attending a live webcast where I'll watch as top producers reveal their most closed-guarded secrets they use to recruit 28 new people into their business per week.

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You can register to attend here:

Gregory Johnson

Nothing worth having in life happends overnight. It takes more than a few months to build a business that has a solid foundation. Stay focused, im still building mine. Do you want Dry wall or Brick? I want a foundation that can carry me through the storm, it won't happen over night!