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OG bragging rights!!
Discussion started by gelkin , on 16 December 08:15 PM

There is a Poll going on at this moment for the TOP Network Marketing Company for 2013. This is purely for marketing bragging rights. But its very powerful bragging rights, as its votes from people already in the business of mlm.

The poll is held at one of the network marketing industries, more popular websites If you think you would like to brag to your prospects, and friends that you are associated with the Winning Top Network Marketing 2013 company, as voted by other networkers. Then make your vote count. Vote OG!! Tell your team and OG friends to vote also...

I know some of you are playing games in other electronic internet "stuffs". But please make this vote for OG only. Forget this internet blaa blaa hoopla stuff. OG is the number #1 lifestyle.

Why cheat yourself and spend time promoting anything else? Do you honestly need a backup plan to OG? If you feel that way, maybe you don't honestly get the OG business. But anyway...!! In this vote. Vote OG.

Voting Link.

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