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Crown Diamonds 500 Club (Corona Diamante) (Private)

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Crown Diamonds 500 Club (Corona Diamante)
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Crown Diamonds 500 Club (Corona Diamante) (Private)
Monday, 12 March 2012



This group is for SERIOUS ORGANO GOLD DISTRIBUTORS, who are desirous in reaching the summit of success.


Our aim is to provide precise information, Mentoring and the necessary Steps to Success to reach our goal.

Keeping the pipeline full with constant Personal & Business Development, Lead Capture, Lead Generation, qualifying the leads through an effective Marketing System and turning those Qualified Leads into either Loyal Customers, Business Partners or persons who give you potential prospects by referral.


To ensure that all persons in this Group, to have 500 persons in their Team, have the right structure at all times to achieve the Pin Levels, reach Diamond or above with a step by step Success Plan through proper replication and duplication within their Team.


Find a way to serve the many...
For service to the many leads to greatness, prosperity and complete success.

NOTE: For those just joining The Corona Diamante Family, please take time to view all our Posts, Discussions and Announcements, so you will be brought up to date of what we are doing and were we are at as a group.